• Image of 2019 Fabric Club - 5" Charms
  • Image of 2019 Fabric Club - 5" Charms

2019 is the Year of the Linen. Each edition will feature a selection of 5 beautifully soft and tactile Essex Linens including Yarn Dyed and Homespun. The bundle will contain three charms of each colour making a irresistible bundle of fifteen charms.

KLT Fabric Club is available every other month starting in January. I produce 6 editions a year.

You can join at any time for the next month's selection. Just make sure you purchase before the 10th of the previous month to rue sure of receiving that month's selection.

At the beginning of the year you can also sign up for Annual membership, giving you a discount on the individual monthly price. Want to spread the cost out? Simply order one month at a time.

Choose between 15 5" charm size, 10 9" x 14" half panels, or 10 14" x 18" full panels. This listing is for 15 5" charms for January.

Book early as numbers are limited!

Please click on the right bundle for you and please note shipping prices are included in your option.

You are purchasing the January 2019 Charm Pack edition shipping in January.